Starting Off

I thought that 2-3 times a week I would write a blog post. If you have any ideas on what I could blog about, feel free to comment

I know this was short, sorry.

Soph xxx


Hello World

I have being wanting to start a blog for some time now and haven’t really got round to doing it. I have never used this website before so i’d thought I would give it ago. I am a terrible speller so be warned.

I want my blog to be like Zoella’s, just because it is well organised and well known. I want this blog to be just like hers but it probably won’t. If you haven’t already go check he blog out (¬† ) it’s amazing.

In this blog I want to do stuff like: Baking recipes, Makeup reviews, Monthly favorites and more! I really hope you like it and if anyone is reading this then ‘hello’. It would be very nice if you commented on future posts saying if you agree, which is your favorite and why. That would be awesome!

Soph xxx